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REVIEWS OF MUSIC THEORY AND AURAL SITES Free online music and theory lessons, exercises and revision sheets for ABRSM theory exams grades 1 - 6

Music Theory

A basic site containing the rudiments of music

Ricci Adams

A useful and informative music theory site covering every aspect of basic music theory plus music analysis with audio files.


One of the very best and most comprehensive sites for free tutorials and interactive exercises.

dolmetsch online

music theory and history online by Dr. Brian Blood

An award winning very comprehensive site containing very many aspects of musical theory and composition.


A very good interactive theory site with free theory drills,interactive theory and links to learning sites.Very user friendly with excellent dictation drills and covering every type of musical scale.

The first 4 chapters cover counting rhythms,reading notes,reading syncopation, and accents and markings in music, and are free. If you wish to continue this course there is monthly fee. The site is informative but not interactive.

the seven harmonies of Music

This is a truly wonderful site for anyone who wishes to improve their understanding and aural perception of harmony. The seven harmonies are the basis of Western music, and they can be learned by listening to example tracks while watching the on screen symbols.

music education at Datdragon

A pretty basic site containing the rudiments of music; clefs, time signatures, notes,rests, counting, symbols and shaping in music.

Big Ears

Big Ears plays a random interval and then allows you to guess which interval was played. Each time it plays an interval, it randomly selects a starting pitch. Big Ears has a range of two octaves and chooses pitches chromatically (it does not stick to a diatonic key).

Easy Music Theory

Scroll down the page to find free theory tutorials and exercises and quiz questions to print out plus separate answers.

Aural on Line

This fairly basic site has interactive exercises on intervals,melody,harmony and rhythm but you will need Quicktime to listen to them.

Essentials of music

This is a very useful site for music students who wish to find out about composers, with overviews of the 6 main musical periods in music history.There are sound clips of all the music mentioned too plus a glossary of 200 definitions with numerous musical examples. You will need Real player to listen to the music on this site.

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